• As the Premiere Tour Comes to a Close…

    Tomorrow will mark the final two screenings of the Money & Life premiere in Denver (tickets at the door) and Boulder. What a ride!

    It has been such an honor to work with Katie, the team, dozens of partners and now thousands of supporters to bring this gift into the world. I’m beginning to reflect on the impact we’ve had so far as we prepare for the next phase of DIY community screenings.

    Here are some numbers: over 1,000 people have seen the finished film in eight cities. These attendees filled all but two of the venues, all through the strength of grassroots networks (read: no advertising budget).  And this tour was supported financially by nine sponsoring organizations and 136 people who raised over $9,000 on Kickstarter in just 19 days (great job, Scott)! For those who have been involved with the film for some time, these numbers confirm what we’ve intuited -- that there is a deep need for the dialogue that Money & Life is catalyzing.

    I was lucky you to attend four of the premieres. When I add in the three sneak preview screenings I was involved in, I’ve personally witnessed almost 1,500 people experience the film for the first time.  What shines through every time is the Money & Life is just the beginning. Hundreds of people have lingered for hours after the screenings to connect with each other and make plans for next steps towards personal and community action.

    We planned the premiere tour to build this energy and start a chain reaction that will lead to continued community action for months and years to come. The next step is the release of the film for broad personal viewing and, more importantly, for ongoing DIY community and educational screenings, coupled with community dialogue. Stay tuned as we release the film and the tools you need next week.

    And don’t forget to let your friends and colleagues in Denver and Boulder know about tomorrow’s final premieres!

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