Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Life

Money. It’s what people worry about the most and talk about the least. We tend to tiptoe around it and whisper about it like it was some mysterious dignitary in our midst. What would it take to get money off the pedestal we built for it and bring it down here amongst the living?

In MONEY & LIFE, filmmaker Katie Teague addresses this question by following her own inquiry, unraveling economic complexities and the history of our financial tangle, for the sake of money clarity. Her film helps us understand that our relationship with money and life, and what we experience as a result, is no different in its fundamentals than how we find success in our other associations: It takes communication, which leads to familiarity. Five uncomplicated strategies can help you gain familiarity with money, boost your financial well-being, and enrich your relationship with life:

#1 – Admit your feelings about money. People pretend to feel better about the subject than they actually do. Our tendency is to mask our financial pain, pretending that our truth or concerns aren’t that important. Find someone to listen and offer qualified advising.

#2 – Know you are not in this alone. In my wealth advising practice, the two things I hear most often are “I should be able to do this on my own” or “I should know this by now.” If you weren’t taught much about money growing up, how are you supposed to know about finance if no one ever taught you, and why should you have to go it alone anyway?

#3 – Author supporting beliefs. If you grew up with limiting beliefs around money, resolve to think differently. So often people let limiting beliefs sabotage their own intuition. Financial well-being comes from the quality of the questions we are willing to ask ourselves – start asking “How can I?” instead of “Why can’t I?”

#4 – Make a new economy. I talk to people each day about how to improve their relationship with money. What is interesting to me is how determined we can be to hold on to our old money stories or habits while seeking new solutions. Or we accept generic or biased financial advice that’s ill-fitting. Letting go of what does not serve frees you to experience a new economic reality.

#5 – Create a financial identity that can survive any economic storm. Money is an emotionally-charged topic for many people, and no amount of technical or expert financial information is going to cure that. To make the most of your wealth, create a positive internal vision that allows you take money into your life and use it as a force for good.

I offer these strategies because I understand how money and wealth affects a woman’s dreams, and walked the path myself. I’ve had a front-row seat on the most dramatic economic booms and busts of my generation. I witnessed my own family’s financial struggle during the American farm crisis of the 1980’s and was in the trenches at Microsoft during the technology boom of the 1990’s, where I made my own fortune. From 4-H dairy projects in Iowa to 3-for-1 stock-splits, my experience has been the same: Underlying all the strategies we employ to manage our economic life is the real engine of personal economics – discernment. Wise financial decisions require more than a spreadsheet. They also require that we understand our own behaviors, beliefs, and the emotions we have around money.

Dianne Juhl, CEO and PhD(c), founded The Feminine Face of Money® as an independent educator to teach women how money really works objectively. She figured it out for herself after losing millions: That no one has to be ignorant about money or misinformed about the role of a financial professional in managing one’s wealth. Dianne reigned in her inner saboteur to transform her relationship with money and she has survived almost every point on the continuum of wealth – from growing up in a working class farm family to finding herself a Microsoft millionaire in her 30’s. Dianne knows the ups and downs of this journey in life we make in relationship with money.

The Feminine Face of Money® doesn’t sell or recommend investments. FFOM® advises women to formulate a value-based wealth strategy, a financial identity, and author supporting money beliefs. Women are empowered to know who they are with money, so they are not waiting for a life event or crisis to tell them. www.femininefaceofmoney.comand

Dianne can be reached at 206.850.2261 or by email at


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