Community Screenings: Another Exercise in Collective Action

Last week, Money & Life wrapped up a Kickstarter campaign where we engaged over 100 backers and surpassed our $7,000 goal by over $2,000. $7k might seem like a small sum to some, but it makes a significant impact on our ability to organize at a grassroots level and get our message out to more people. Some may think it could have easily been reached if just one person had written a fat check, or if seven people contributed $1,000. They might say to themselves, “That’s not asking too much, right?” And they would be so right, and yet so wrong.

I would take 100+ backers helping us reach $7k over seven backers helping us reach $7k any day. Having so many people publicly support the film is emblematic of the Money & Life philosophy in action. From day one, we’ve approached the film with a community-first ethos. Having multiple backers not only shows the tremendous power of collective action, it shows that in our increasingly fragmented society, we, as concerned humans, have retained the ability to gather together, build community and collectively work toward achieving a common goal.

At its core, this is what Money & Life is all about: No one person can create sustainable change. Change is only possible via the collective action of large groups of people. The same is true in the case of our community screening efforts.

Beneath the steady stream of Kickstarter updates, Facebook comments and celebratory tweets surrounding our recent Kickstarter accomplishment, Money & Life has stood at the epicenter of another resounding success and example of the power of collective action: We currently have over 50 community screenings planned across the globe—from Chicago to Vancouver and Berlin to Johannesburg—for the period following our premiere tour and world release on May 1.

Just like we wouldn’t have been able to fund the development and production of Money & Life without your support, we won’t be able to get word of the film out to people across the world without independently-planned and organized community screenings like the 40 that are already in the works. We need you to step up and show this to a community you think may be interested. We need you to prove that movies like Money & Life can be distributed at a grassroots level, without the traditional major motion picture distribution machine. If successful, this would stand as another example of the power of collective action.

In short, you—the fans, the Kickstarter backers, the believers and the M&L community—hold the keys to the final leg of our campaign and, ultimately, our collective legacy. We need you to organize screenings in your communities. It doesn’t matter if there are 10 or 1,000 people in attendance. The only thing that matters is that the stories shared in our documentary are presented to others and have the opportunity to touch and impact people across the globe just like they’ve impacted you and I. Won’t you lend a hand? The most exciting part of our journey is just around the corner.

To learn how to set up your community screening, please email:


Bio: A Detroit native, Kevin is an entrepreneur with professional experience in project management, consulting, education and legal services. He graduated from Williams College with a B.A. in American Studies, where he developed a passion for learning and teaching.  In 2007, he moved to Beijing where he taught at all levels, and realized all human life is interconnected on a global level. He’s since channeled his passion for education into technology that increases access to vital resources and levels the playing field globally. Kevin believes that by harnessing the power of technology, we can solve some of the biggest problems facing humanity and usher in an era of abundance for all.


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