Update from the premiere tour!

Hello from New York City!  With 5 premiere screenings down and 6 more to go, I thought I’d pause to give a personal update and some reflections from the road.

It's been a very full time for me ~~ full of joy and challenge, full of airports and train stations, full of new friends and old friends, full of learning and teaching.  The reception to the film itself has been overwhelmingly positive and truly rewarding beyond words.  Two sold out nights in the Bay Area about blew my mind!  Really, when one starts a venture that turns into a four-plus year odyssey such as the M&L journey ~~ you just never consider what the actual birth into the world is going to bring or what it is actually going to feel like. It's given over to the realm of the mysterious.

The most exciting and encouraging fruition for me has been the post-film discussions, both the formal Q&A sessions and the informal receptions following.  The discussions have been lively, vital and deep ~~ a huge reflection of both our collective hunger for this level and quality of discourse and the potential the film offers as a springboard for such engagement.  This confirms my intuition and desire to release the film into the world via community screening strategy.  [An aside: we have over 40 community screenings already being planned.] I’ve never wanted to be an organizational bottleneck to access to and use of the film and so the M&L team is doing our small-budget best to make the film widely available and visible come it’s larger release into the world on May 1.

I keep saying over and over that the greatest pleasure for me has been the support and community that has sprung up around M&L and it’s message in the world ~~ and now getting to meet many of you in person along the way.  I’ve always intended that the film be a gift to the world, a tool for anyone engaged in this conversation to further the conversation, to further the blossoming of a new economy that reflects our shared values of justice and care for all.  Thanks for helping me realize this dream.

We've got 6 more premieres and these are really crucial in the strategy of making M&L visible ~~ so come if you can because there's a level of engagement you just can't get streaming the film alone.  And help us spread the word!! The next two premieres promise to be full-on fun and exciting:

New York City, April 19th @ 7pm
(post-film panel discussion with Katie, John Fullerton and Scott Morris)
King Alphonso Room,
5 West 63rd Street,
New York, NY 10023

Washington D.C., April 20th @ 7pm
(post-film panel discussion with Katie, Rebecca Adamson, Judy Wicks and James Quilligan)
Union Station
50 Massachusetts Avenue NE
Washington, DC 94710


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