Money & Life Global Release!

The “official” premiere tour is over and May 1 is here.  I stand at a threshold of having completed the film and having watched it personally with over 1500 people (not including the rough cut screenings).  And now I release it globally out into the world.  It’s like giving birth to a fully mature teenager who’s ready to leave home, who kind of still needs you but not really.

I am still catching up to myself from the whirlwind of traveling across the U.S. for over 3 weeks and being blessed by the gracious orchestration of so many people who helped make the premieres happen and meeting so many amazing human beings along the way.  I realize as I offer Money & Life as a Gift into the world that the nature of Gifting has reciprocity inherently built into it, such that you don’t always know who is gifting who or where the gift began, especially when we begin to acknowledge the abundant flows of wealth beyond money itself.

Money as we know it today measures scarcity really well.  But it’s a lousy measurement of the many dimensions of wealth intrinsic to our being human.

So, I would just like to thank everyone who has been a part of the premiere tour journey with me ~~ sponsors, coordinators, hosts, fairy godmothers and attendees alike.  In summary, I feel I’ve been witness to an extraordinary tapestry of goodness and potential being activated.

And now I am thrilled to offer and announce the global release of Money & Life.  It is now available on DVD with 33 minutes of extra interviews (for sale on the website**), online streaming and digital download (at no cost = pay according to your values and means).  And we’ve now already had around 50 people contact us to register hosting a screenings in their communities (click here to find out more about hosting a screening)!

I’ve decided to take a very non-traditional approach to distribution by Creative Commons licensing the film and actually encouraging the sharing of the film and by offering it online at no cost because the most important thing for me as the filmmaker is that the seeds of the film get spread across the fertile soil of humanity.  Yes, I do need to recuperate expenses put into the film (above and way beyond funds raised via Kickstarter) and there does need to be flow into the production company to continue and further outreach and distribution AND I trust that those who are touched by the film and have the means will become an integral part of the Gift and its inherent reciprocity.

As John Lennon sang “You may say I’m a dreamer.  But I’m not the only one.  I hope some day you’ll join us.  And the world will live as one.”



** DVD’s won’t start shipping until on or around May 10.


Joshua Thomas - 01 May 13
Katie, you are an inspiration to us all! Congrats on everything! Thank you for doing such an amazing job with Money & Life. I have seen it twice and I am spreading the word :-)

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