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Guest Blog by Scott Morris

Since Nathaniel posted his “Are We Viral Yet?” blog last week on the 21st, we’ve jumped from 20,342 streaming hits on Youtube to 38,171 and counting.  If our average views for the first 20 days was 1,017, the average of the last week has been 2,547. You don’t need to be a mathematician to see that with a jump of that nature the answer to Nathaniel’s question is a very likely YES. Now the challenge is to keep up that pace!  I’m eager to hear what strategy Katie and Nathaniel decide on and am looking forward to taking part in whatever way possible.

Since the conclusion of the last Kickstarter, I’ve fallen fairly quiet in the Money & Life digital community.  Thank you all again for stepping up and helping Katie and Nathaniel make it around the country for that tour.  I was lucky enough to attend the premiere in NYC, and have to say the audience’s excitement for Money & Life was palpable in the atmosphere. You could actually feel the inspiration, and even relief, people felt by hearing Katie’s message of hope and solutions-oriented focus.  It’s little surprise to me that people are eagerly sharing this film with their own communities, friends and family.

Personally, Money & Life’s success is something I’m invested in in more than one way.  As the prime driver of HERO Rewards, I’m very much a part of the living story it tells.  Believe me when I say I don’t take that sense of responsibility lightly.  In fact, that sense of responsibility is what brings me here to you today.  I feel I owe it to you, as the Money & Life community, to continue that work and see it through to scale so that any and all of you can bring HERO Rewards and other life-nourishing systems to your own communities.  I am very clear that that is my life’s purpose, and I’m fully devoted to it.

After the conclusion of our first pilot of HERO Rewards (which happened right about the time Katie filmed us the first time), we decided that a cooperative was likely the best way to scale the system and share it everywhere.  In staying true to the spirit of the New Economy, we wanted an equitable, democratic framework that could offer true ownership on top of meaningful utility.  So, “myLocal Cooperative” was born, and I'm now gnawing at the bit to raise the money we need to be able to reach communities across the US and beyond.

Today, I’ve been applying my meme creation skills to a crowdfunding campaign of my own in order to make that cooperative a reality. In order to develop the resources we need to go and raise real capital, we need about $5,000.  That will go to covering time mapping out the membership and business model of the cooperative, some mentorship,  and access to resources in the university communities at Cornell and Ithaca College.  If you are inspired by our mission to bring this place-based and people-powered system to the world, please consider chipping in and sharing through social media.  If you haven’t already, please send me a friend request on facebook!  I do love connecting with members of this community and would love to have your support in getting the word out here in the last week of the campaign.

Scott MorrisScott Morris is a New Economist and the Founder of myLocal Cooperative. He works with community currencies and sustainability organizations in Ithaca, NY. He serves on the board of the Green Resource Hub, Greenstar's elected council, and organizes for the Ithaca HOURS. He is also an artistic travel and nature photographer. Learn more about his startup cooperative and currency work at and see his photography at


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