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Posted by Katie Teague

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Here is the late Summer update on Money & Life. Highlights include these stats since the launch of the film on May 1:

  • 80,696 views on Youtube
  • Almost 300 DVD's sold
  • Over 500 digital downloads
  • 52 independent screenings (that we've been able to track)

Since we've gifted the film and effectively removed M&L from being the "middle man" we've found it difficult to accurately track screenings as they happen without our knowing.  This is great AND if you are planning a screening, please let us know and we can post it on our website and we would like to keep track for our own metrics.

The film has now been translated into and can be viewed on Youtube (just click on the CC button for language options) in the following languages:

~ Italian
~ Spanish (Mexican)
~ Spanish (Spain)
~ Hungarian
~ Korean
~ German
~ Swedish
~ French (translated but not posted on Youtube yet)

THANK YOU to all the amazing, generous folks who gifted their time and skills for these translations!  A shout out to Stacco, Balint, Chris, Jonas, Carolina, Oliver, and Jorge.

It's been wonderful and awesome to watch the film circulate throughout the world.  It has a very big presence internationally, especially in Europe.

Upcoming notables:

  • Money & Life is being featured at the Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival on September 4 -8.  This is its first big festival and we're honored to be a part of this growing festival.  Scott Morris will be traveling to the DR and speaking on the behalf of M&L.
  • M&L will also be featured October 11-15 in Istanbul, Turkey at Giftival, an exciting gathering of visionaries and paradigm-shifters.

We're also looking into other film festivals and talking with possible "smart TV" distributors to increase M&L's circulation.  Some interesting possibilities are being explored and we will keep you posted.  We will also be turning our attention to the educational market soon.

Late summer is Phase 2 of our Money & Life outreach-distribution strategy. So, we'll be spending time reviewing the feedback and data thus far to discern next steps.

The communications keep rolling in from all over the globe as people become aware of the film and they are inspired and impacted by its message and transmission.  And we keep doing our best to honor the spirit of Money & Life.


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