Katie Teague's Money & Life Looks at Two Very Important Things

"Money & Life does offer an engrossing history of the very concept of currency, and it raises some very salient points about our relationship with money, and the treadmill we constantly run on to acquire it..."

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From crisis to change: "Money and Life"

"A brand new documentary, Money and Life, makes its world premiere this week at SIFF Cinema in Seattle. The film explores the role of money in our society and asks a very important question: Can we see our current economic crisis not as a disaster, but as a tremendous opportunity? The film looks at communities, small business and individuals who are making the ongoing economic crises an opportunity to redesign their relationship with money, at the personal, community and global level. Katie Teague, the director of the documentary, is here to explain more about this project."

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Money & Life Review: A Film about Money that Aims to Change Your Life

"Money is one of the most powerful forces in our lives, both in our psyches and in our physical realities. Money makes the world go around. Life as we know it would grind to a halt without it. Yet it remains something of an enigma, largely unexamined."

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Money and Life: living the lives we were meant to live

"The heart and soul of money is not far from our own in Money and Life. Director Katie Teague’s masterpiece studies money and the economy while guiding viewers on a hero’s journey towards flow and genuine abundance. You can watch it streaming and on DVD beginning May 1."

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'Money & Life' Doc Frames New Economy of Living Systems

“'Like many good films, it challenges its viewers to see the world in new ways. But that is the least of it. The film requires something of us — a particular kind of witnessing. It demands a kind of participation that engages not only the mind, but the heart. In the end, it calls us to into a different conversational dynamic with the prevailing economic systems and the economic alternatives that are emerging.' Indeed, a holistic engagement and a paradigm shift in our language are critical components of what's to come."

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Provocative Money Documentary Says No to Commercial Release

"A documentary slated for release this spring, Money & Life, asks a provocative question: can we see the economic crisis not as a disaster, but as a tremendous opportunity?"

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Making the world go 'round

"In Chinese philosophy, it is said that opportunity lies on the other side of crisis. In the case of documentary filmmaker Katie Teague, the current economic crisis has presented her with a chance to demystify and question one of the basic institutions of modern society: money."

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